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Peter's Poems

True, there are some OK Petes,
Hard nuts who've had a shed-load,
Repenting at leisure on a broken road.

Those Petes who sing ditties winsomely
For the nation have raised morale
And that Pete on the helpdesk in Ely,
Lacking the bluff charisma of a Si,
Crashed my computer in a helping way.

But other Petes are far from saints.
They teamed up with Bad Cedric
And cut their wives' hair as their wives slept,
Storing the tresses in a drawer in the shed.

Some Petes smoke in the street
When pregnant
And push their scaredycat daughters
In front of swans.
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Peter's Novel
Some Petes gob in the canal
Near Tesco
Saying, Every spittle helps.
Don't look to them for help with a shed load.

The bad Petes are out there
In abundance
But I can't name names.
No, I think they're all pretty good.
I'd have to say that all Petes are OK.